Simple Steps for Improving

The Quality of Healthcare for Patients with Chronic Idiopathic Constipation


View these video modules on important topics in CIC, including diagnosis and treatment considerations. See patient cases featuring expert insights and discussion points that you can apply in your practice.

Do you want to bring this education to your team? Utilize the downloadable discussion guides and slide decks listed below the videos! An additional video on adult learning principles and presentation tips is provided to help you develop and lead sessions with your team.

Find out the prevalence, risk factors, and burden of CIC

Review diagnostic recommendations and tools, and find out how to differentiate between CIC and IBS-C

Hear our faculty discuss the diagnostic process and provide tips to avoid common pitfalls via a patient case

Review treatment recommendations and monitoring tools to guide your management strategies for patients with CIC

Hear our faculty discuss principles of management and provide tips to avoid common pitfalls via a patient case

Find out the benefits of shared decision making and multidisciplinary care in CIC

Get tips to help you deliver compelling education to your team

Clinical Tools

Use these clinical tools and resources to enhance your clinical practice and supplement the educational videos.

Communicating With Patients

Patient Education Tools & Resources

Share these important tools and resources with your patients suffering from CIC

Patient Support and Education Resources

Comprehensive resource offering support groups, easy-to-use mobile apps, and educational tools to help your patients manage their CIC

Stool Diary With Bristol Stool Chart

Paper-based recording tool that your patients with CIC can use to log their stool habits for a full week

Food Record

Paper-based food record log to help assess diet and guide discussions with patients and families

Poo Keeper Mobile App

Representative user-friendly app to empower your patients to track their bowel movements and symptoms


Explore the possibilities of your EMR by discovering what you can incorporate to optimize your workflow. Find out how to enhance your diagnostic processes, management strategies, and multidisciplinary care by adding tools, algorithms, and alerts to your system.

Interested in participating in a digital quality improvement program? You’ll complete an assessment to understand where your practice’s performance falls relative to available evidence and guideline recommendations, and will then guide development of personalized action items to create change in practice.

Hear from Dr. Brooks Cash on how we can better translate evidence to practice in CIC:

We all have room in our practices for identifying areas where we can improve our offerings to our patients and our patient experience. Hopefully these tools will allow you to contribute to that mission.